About us - TRIANON, z.s.

About us

TRIANON registered association

is non-governmental and no-profit organization, registered by the Ministry of Interior on 5. 3. 2003/c. j. VS/1-1/53081/03-R, with registered office in Cesky Tesin, street Na Horkach 1701/23.

Target groups are persons with disabilities, students graduates from secondary school and universities and seniors. The association has its own pilot program called Without Barriers - Without Borders, the goal of this program is the integration of disabled people of working age. Content of the program is the implementation of thee pillars of sustainable development.

  • SOCIAL - complex support for the integration of people threatened with social inclusion.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL - renewable energy in the theory and practice - permanent education of youth on environmental protection.
  • ECONOMICAL - support the development of elements of the social economy aimed at protecting the environment, tourism, mobility and CSR in management system.

The association is supported by national institutions, private corporations and educational institutions.

Activities of the TRIANON registered association - to fulfill aim of the pilot program:

1. Sheltered workrooms - they have their own program of separation for recycling - program involves the employment of people with disabilities at working age. Currently employs 17 persons. Work consists in the separation and subsequent recycling of electronic waste and plastics.

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2. Regional center of sustainable development - includes activities to protect the environment as an art competition for elementary school pupils, International student conference on renewable energy, summer student job with subsequent production of solar collector, workshops and meetings with partners to exchange experiences.

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3. International conference "Without Barriers - Without Borders" - takes place annually in autumn and the aim of the conference is the social area.

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4. Senior Internet Euroclub - this activity helps seniors to become familiar with possibilities of computer technology, internet and modern multimedia technology. To each senior is assigned a teacher - students from high schools. There is also the knowledge of different generations.

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5. Monitoring - accessibility - the association has prepared its own methodology wheelchair accessibility solutions in cities and traffic infrastructure.

6. Our experience with European founds

  • project Mobility for All - monitoring the state of the availability of routes for pedestrians in Cesky Tesin, transborders routes Cesky Tesin (CZ) and Cieszyn (PL), Municipality of Karvina, network of selected health facilities in the Region Moravskoslezsky.
  • project One Manager in a Group of People with Disabilities
  • project Not Only the Earth Day
  • project Implementation of the New Act on Social Services and Mobility Systems
  • project Network of Protected Workplaces
  • project Plastics Processing

7. Central European Group for Integration of people with disabilities - TRIANON EU - in February 2009 the creation of supranational structures, consisting of partners TRIANON CZ, TRIANON SK and TRIANON PL.

The objective of this grouping is a more effective system of partnership working in the pilot program Without Barriers - Without Borders.

In the TRIANON registered association operates international scientific commitee.

TRIANON registered association received the annual award BRIDGES 2007, category II. non-governmental organizations for the project System of employment integration of persons with disabilities and the GOVERNOR AWARD OF THE REGION 2013 for social responsibility, category public sector organizations to 50 employees (awards in the left menu).